The name’s David Page - a freelanced graphic / visual designer with 2 broken ears from the beach of Tynemouth, up in the North East of England.
He’s multi lingual, he can communicate within most countries and cultures throughout the world. Amazingly without any difficulty whatsoever.
Damn this feels weird. Do I sound like an idiot? I’m pretty sure I sound like an idiot. That’s enough of talking about myself in the third person…
However, that’s not me being “big headed” or “smug”. It is because I was born profoundly deaf and my own true language is that of “sign”. As a result of this, I can communicate with any deaf person throughout the world, and have strived throughout my life to travel, work and meet people in order to do this.
As I have not been able to hear all my life, visual language is incredibly important to me. I was always that kid in his own fantasy world of quick doodles and sketches, I’ve had a pencil in my hand since I was a bairn. I see this now as a positive, that I can develop and lean more about and contribute to.
A lot of people see deafness as a disability, true it does have its problems, but it also has its advantages, and I see it as a purely positive aspect of my life giving me an unique insight into a different silent world but where all of its members can communicate freely and openly using the multi expressive language of signing.
Therefore I can fluently talk to and understand foreigners who use “signing” without the need of an interpreter or translator, this probably gives me a distinct advantage than a hearing English person in fact would.
I am very determined and self motivated and strive to achieve all that I can possibly achieve in all facets of my life.
I enjoy breaking down language barriers to simplify visual communications
My design process always starts with a pencil and paper, scribbling ideas, draft drawings and pondering how to translate and convert signing words or cultures to visuals. 
Once I have a final idea of what I want to achieve, I’ll then sit down at my sketch pad and start inking lines with pens. Then I add the colours, finer lines and details on my laptop using my secret weapon - wacom pen tablet.
This represents who I am, I "don't" (can't) hear, it’s only natural that the visuals I make, reflects my feelings, I have 100% passion for creativity, it makes me the happiest lad on earth.
When I’m not brainstorming ideas, doing drawings or glued to my laptop, you’ll find me cooking, eating my way through Fishquay, surfing, chilling on the couch with my beloved playstation or travelling in a campervan with my girlfriend.
5 things you probably didn’t know about me :
I love extremely spicy foods
I drink a lot of herbal tea
I’m a travel addict, having been to 45+ countries so far
I want to live in a beach house
I’m a bit of a tattoo freak
I'm always looking for creative people to vibe with, feel free to be friends with me on my social network or reel me a message.

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